Why join BMC?

Become part of our family!

We are a growing All Star Cheerleading Program located in Sarver, PA. We are headed into our FIFTH season & we are looking for athletes ages 6 & up to join our BMC family for the 2021-2022 season. In the past 4 years we have won countless 1st places & two national champion titles! We may be a small program but we do not let that define us. We love being able to get to know each and every child , and getting the opportunity to learn how each child learns! Our athletes develop the skills they need to be successful not only on the cheer floor, but more importantly, at life. The best part of BMC is our athletes & parents make forever friends as well as feel, forever, that they are part of our family! ALL of us are FAMILY!!!!.

There is no need to stress about your athletes skill level, we have an all star staff that is ready to teach you everything you need to know about all star cheerleading. All skill levels welcomed. Athletes will attend evaluations & be placed on a team that best fits themselves & the team in general. This is not a try out , it’s simply a stress free evaluation, so we can assure your athlete is placed on the team that will benefit them the most.

We offer a very reasonable monthly tuition that includes team practices, tumbling class & competition fees for the season. We do everything we can to keep the cost and prices down that are associated with all star cheer (group sponsors, fundraisers etc) as well as offer individual fundraisers atleast once a month because we truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience this amazing sport.  Although we (mini, youth & up) may possibly attend ONE competition (nationals) in OH, the rest of the competitions are all local to the Pittsburgh areas. The 20-21 season we will be attending 5 local competitions.


Our Programs


Tiny Novice 

Ages 3-6
Birth year 2014-6/1/18

The tiny novice program is for the little ones to build a love for All Star cheerleading, while focusing on skill building and growth in a low-pressure, evaluation-only environment but also gaining the experience by performing at competitions. 

Our tiny team practices once a week starting in June & attend 3 local competitions throughout the season.



All Star Cheer is a fast paced, high energy, exciting and strenuous sport scored by a panel of judges. This sport will help your child become a better athlete, but it also does much more than that. The skills needed to excel in All Star Cheer require dedication, hard work, persistence, and some more hard work. If your child stays the course, they will become more self-confident, disciplined, driven, and will hold themselves to a higher standard.

Our elite teams practice 2 days a week & will attend 5 local competitions and possibly a nationals in Ohio.



We will be holding a cheer clinic 6/1, 6/3 & 6/4 530-730 to teach new skills and or perfect them! Price is $60 for all 3 days or $20 per each



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